Iznik Tiles contain 85% quartz, a semi-precious stone which, is known for being extremely difficult to produce. In effect, we turn stone into decorated stone. When quartz tiles are used in interiors, especially in offices and bedrooms, this enhances a sense of relaxation and absence of negative energy. In environments where modern equipment such as televisions, computers, office equipment or air conditioners are installed, even a single wall of tiles will help create better quality of life.

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The colours used in the tiles are composed of complex mixtures and are very difficult to obtain and apply. They are achieved according to the traditional methods and reflect the shades of semi-precious stones such as malachite, emerald, and lapis lazuli, guaranteeing their purity for centuries. Iznik Tiles also feature the authentic and mysterious ‘coral red’ colour, the mixture for which is extremely complex and almost unattainable. Both domestic and international researches have spent years investigating this subject.