Reinier & Carolina

In 2012, we worked together with Dutch designers Carolina Wilcke and her partner Reinier Bosch on two ceramic projects.

The cooperation was developed in the light of the celebration of 400 years of trade relations between Turkey and the Netherlands in 2012. Carolina and Reinier were asked to come and work at the ateliers of the Iznik Foundation in Iznik. This visit resulted in the Spheres and Waxing Moon projects.

The ‘Sphere’ range consists of two half spheres which are connected at their convex side. This range is inspired by the stacking of forms, after which a new form is born. The insides of these bowls, dishes, and chandeliers are decorated with traditional flower motives.

Waxing Moon
The ‘Waxing Moon’ range is inspired by the moon that can be found on the Turkish national flag. Reinier and Carolina created a collection of eight objects which, just like the waxing moon and the full moon, gradually changing their shape from a flat dish to a round vase. The colors used change along with the shapes bowls/vases from “Delfts blauw” to turquoise, which is the characterizing color of the Iznik ceramics. The ‘Waxing moon’ range can be ordered as a whole, but the vases and dishes can also be bought separately.

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Please find below a video that was made during the time Carolina and Reinier spent working in the atelier in Iznik: