Kiki van Eijk

About Kiki
Kiki van Eijk graduated cum laude at Design Academy Eindhoven in 2000 and has her own collection which is presented and sold worldwide in galleries and museums. She also works worldwide for several companies and institutions.

As part of the project “Bridges of Creativity: From Traditional Arts & Crafts to Creative Industries” Iznik Foundation organises, in cooperation with Design Academy Eindhoven, a workshop with Kiki van Eijk.

By designing with a strong personal touch and idea she strongly represents the new generation of Dutch Designers. The main aim of the Iznik Foundation is to regenerate the culture and artistic assets of Iznik and it’s surrounding communities; to form a system of preserving existing information obtained regarding the traditional art of Iznik
tiles and to convey this knowledge on to the current and future generations through training and education.