Inge Bečka and Mariëtte Wolbert

Iznik Design Collaboration
In 2016, Iznik Tiles and Ceramics and Iznik Foundation started a collaboration with Dutch designers Inge Bečka and Mariëtte Wolbert. Bečka is a ceramic artist specialized in porcelain, whereas Wolbert specializes in textile handicrafts using various materials. 
With this collaboration, the traditional handicraft of Turkish ceramics was combined with the contemporary design of the Dutch design duo. 

In the Summer of 2016, Bečka and Wolbert travelled to Iznik to work at the ateliers of the Iznik Foundation. This workshop resulted in a first line of products and designs presented in the Spring of 2018.

Please find below the product range of the Becka Wolbert Iznik Collaboration, consisting of three tile designs: Lace, The Skin, Tape.

For further information on the designs, pricing and lead time of the of Bečka and Wolbert Iznik products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

A design inspired by the traditional needle lace as hand produced by women in the Bursa Region nearby Iznik.

The Skin
A design based on the bark of trees growing in Iznik. The wood shapes have been carved out of the raw tile biscuits.

A geometric pattern of Kobalt blue tape lines as a reference to the various Geometric Iznik designs in Iznik art.

About Mariëtte Wolbert

Mariëtte Wolbert is a Dutch designer always searching with an inquiring, curious and open attitude for the best suitable design. She has a broad experience in the design of textile and she has particularly focused on interior. Graduated at The Design Academy Eindhoven in The Netherlands in 1988, she created designs for several well-known brands. In October 2016 she launched her own line of kitchen textiles, consisting of 3 different patterns; Woven Windmill, Baan-Brekend and Bella Salmonella. This line was added to the collection at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. More information at

Contact details:
 Wolbert Textiles
Veilinghof 5
1442 CT Purmerend
The Netherlands
+31(0)6 1349 8320

About Inge Bečka
Inge Bečka (1963) is a Dutch designer with years of experience in working with porcelain ceramics. Every year for 2 months Inge works as an artist in residence in Jingdezhen, China, porcelain capital of the world. Her work is sold in several interior design and museumshops, including Prinsenhof Museum Delft and Princessehof Museum in Leeuwarden. Inge loves to change and dispose the basic function of existing objects. Baroque or tight, applied or free work; the contrasts and combinations are infinite in her work. Her work has been sold in several interior – and museumshops, like Co van der Horst Design in Amstelveen, Bas van Pelt Interieur, Prinsenhof in Delft and Princessehof in Leeuwarden and at X Bank Amsterdam. She exhibited her work on Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair, Design Day Maastricht,  and she joined together with Mariëtte the prestigious LXRY fair in Amsterdam, Art Zaanstad, The First Art Fair Amsterdam and at Masterly – The Dutch in Milano at the Palazzo Francesca Turati and Toolsgallerie in Paris. More information at

Contact Details:
Inge Bečka
Jisperweg 123
1464 NL Westbeemster
The Netherlands
+31 (0)6 4307 5250