Together with Turkish eyewear company RVS, the Iznik Foundation developed an eyewear line based on the heritage of Iznik. RVS designer Vidal Erkohen used traditional Iznik designs for his contemporary glasses.

RVS by V. has incorporated the Iznik designs in to eyewear for the first time ever with 7 limited edition frames available as both sunglasses and optical frames.

Vidal Erkohen (RVS)
Vidal Erkohen made his name by collecting vintage glasses, starting with his father’s. “I remember one trip that [my father] came back from Italy wearing a folding pair of Persols, and I fell in love with the character the frames gave him.” Inspired by the quality he found in the vintage frames he began collecting and selling, Vidal decided to launch his own line of acetate glasses, which are hand-made in Istanbul.

Limited to 140 pieces worldwide and made in Matt finished acetate (staying true to RVS by V. finishing) each frame has been made in hand with the goal of once again keeping alive the ancient tradition of Iznik Tiles.

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