HOUSE OF IZNIK (The Netherlands)

Based in the Netherlands, House of Iznik is supplier of authentic handmade quartz tiles and tableware produced by our artisans in our ateliers in Iznik, Turkey. We offer our clients a wide variety of products, ranging from traditional Turkish to modern to fully customized designs. It is the European representative office of Iznik Tiles and Ceramics ltd. (Istanbul) and the Iznik Foundation (Iznik) based in Turkey.

Iznik Foundation (Istanbul/Iznik, Turkey)

The Iznik Training and Education Foundation was established in 1993 under the leadership of Prof. Dr Işıl Akbaygil. The most important purpose of the foundation was to re-launch Iznik Quartz Ceramic, production of which disappeared 400 years ago. The Foundation’s Research Centre and Iznik Tiles and Ceramics are organized to work in concert. The result of all of this effort has been the revival of the Iznik art and technology of ceramic manufacture as they had been practised in the classical period. The raw materials for the tiles are obtained from Iznik and its environs.

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İznik Quartz Ceramic making, which had its golden age in the 16th century, declined progressively in the 17th century and regrettably disappeared altogether. The Foundation, which aimed at revivifying this important art – which disappeared without leaving any information or documents – conducted research for two years to discover the characteristics of the production process.

The operations of the R&D centre established in Iznik by the foundation were supported by TÜBITAK and Princeton University. Thanks to this research, Iznik tiles are today being reproduced using rediscovered traditional methods. The successful research and investigations into the subject conducted by institutions such as Istanbul University, Istanbul Technical University and TÜBİTAK have drawn wide interest both within and outside Turkey.

Just as 16th century Iznik Ceramic Arts constitute the zenith of this art form in world ceramic literature, (it is also of utmost importance) Iznik Tile-making today can utilize current technology systems while preserving traditional quality and aesthetic form.

Iznik Tile, dated 1540-1546 (Victoria & Albert Museum, London).